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Effective User Interviews. User Interviews are of course one of the most rewarding and informative aspects pertaining to research, and ultimately understanding Users wants and needs, not to mention their journeys into choosing a particular solution, and remaining faithful to it. Effective user Interviews require preparation, both from the standpoint of scripting, preparation, research of the attendees, but also from the standpoint of understanding the interviewee, allowing the users to speak freely, while also remaining on topic. This article provides some very interesting recommendations, including Interview Structures, Onboarding and Post Interview Experiences, to name but a few highlights. Worth a read. Highlight of the article includes:

“Sometimes, there are other stakeholders taking part in an interview. This can be valuable to get them involved. Make sure that there are not too many people attending. This can be intimidating for the interviewee. Also, make sure they remain in the background and hold potential questions to the end of the interview. If you do not have anyone to assist you, record the interview. Paying full attention to your interviewee and taking notes at the same time is challenging. Furthermore, your attention to the interviewee dwindles.”


Leading Teams You’ve Not Met. The remote factor has always been an important variable, particularly as technology has advanced and has effectively allowed for the topic of Globalization to rightfully permeate how we work. The Pandemic has been, among many other things, a catalyst to bring further attention to this topic. This article looks at how leadership can successfully navigate shepherding teams that have never met, including sound recommendations such as Scheduling Virtual Introductions, Establishing a Regular Cadence of Meetings, Giving Early Feedback, Active Listening, to name but a few. Highlight of the article includes:

“To avoid being the new executive for too long, it is good to get into a rhythm quickly for recurring check-ins. Keeping these meetings on the calendar — even when you think there are no pressing agenda items — allows you to build relationships early on. In fact, I have found that the one-on-one meetings with fewer agenda items often end up being the most productive. If possible, avoid moving these meetings at the last minute, as it may not send a good message of someone’s importance in your schedule. Without any travel, it is easier to maintain a more predictable daily schedule.”


Questions to Ask in Job Interviews. While not something I typically list on this newsletter, this article is well worth reading. Professionals in the Tech world change jobs frequently, for a variety of reasons, and as such, there’s always a set of questions that candidates learn to expect. But as candidates themselves research the companies and potential employers, there’s always information that doesn’t come across from Linkedin/Glassdoor/Crunchbase/Indeed. Knowing what to ask, and gaining insight from the interviewers & teams themselves is always fundamental to gain insight and clarification if the position and company itself is a potential fit. Highlight of the article includes:

“Every team is going to have conflict. It is a great way to generate ideas and different thinking when the team has the right tools to navigate constructive conflict. You want to see is if the leader says: “We don’t have conflict.” This could mean that different opinions aren’t welcome, and the team sits in silence. Or the leader is trying to avoid the hard conversations that yield better results. The leader should be able to talk about people having different opinions they had to work through.”



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