UI/UX Articles And Interesting Tidbits Of The Week

Pedro Canhenha
4 min readSep 20, 2020


Here are some interesting finds on UI/UX of the week!


Crafting Mobile Product Pages. Very relevant article on the topic of building Mobile Product Pages that assure client retention. The thorough article focuses on topics such as what information to consider to display above the fold, relevant product imagery, making sure that users understand availability of stock, positioning of CTAs, among many other topics. With the evolution of e-commerce precipitating itself with the events that have taken place this year (and that evolution includes integration of AI Systems, Hyperscale Computing, Personalization and Customization, among others), this is a particularly relevant article. Highlight of the article includes:

“While we know that there are more and more consumers shopping with their smartphones, we also know that some are still more comfortable converting on desktop. We also know that the smartphone is a valuable resource for in-store shopping as well, enabling people to compare prices, clip coupons, check stock availability, and so on. So, alternate CTA buttons will give your shoppers the ability to use their smartphones however they please. And, in return, your m-commerce site can capture (or assist in capturing) more sales. Just be careful with how you present your other CTAs. You don’t want them to distract from the primary “Add to Cart” option.”


Leader Qualities and the Future of Work. Interesting article from The Fast Company, centered on the topic of the qualities leaders will have to develop as a result of this pandemic and what stances to develop in a post-pandemic reality. The article focuses on topics such as Remote engagement with team members, Rethinking hiring, training and management, Quality of work over number of hours worked on something, among others. It’s a reflection that highlights the jolt that society has endured as a result of the pandemic, and how leaders with foresight will have to adjust accordingly. Highlight of the article includes:

“There are going to be two types of companies that emerge out of the coronavirus pandemic: those that allow their employees to work remotely (or go 100% remote) and those that insist on employees returning to work. Obviously, certain industries require people to show up to a physical location — restaurants, travel, etc. But for many other industries, where remote work is not only possible but preferred, forcing employees back into a physical workplace is going to make certain companies more competitive than others. Couple this with the fact that major cities are seeing a dramatic fall in demand — it’s going to be the companies that find new ways to build distributed teams that will thrive in this “new normal.””


Eyebrow Headlines. A topic always worth revisiting, and from the consistently engaging UX Movement website and author Anthony, this is an article focused on the utilization of Eyebrow Headlines as a way to cement and secure user attention and capture. This type of technique permits for digital content to be broken into components which allow for a faster assessment of what is on the page, while also ensuring that the visual hierarchy of the page is sensical. Well worth a read. Highlight of the article includes:

“If the first two words don’t hint at what the content is about they’ll not only skip your headline, but your blurb and call to action too. When users hunt for information, their patience and attention span is short. They need to see strong keywords in the first few words of your headline or else they’ll move on. One way to do this is to put keywords in the front of your headlines instead of leaving them at the end. But this isn’t always the best approach because a rigid syntax can compromise the emotional appeal of your marketing headline. Designers need a better way to write headlines that not only appeal to users, but also give them keywords fast.”