UI/UX Articles and Interesting Tidbits of the Week

Pedro Canhenha
4 min readNov 27, 2023



Here are some interesting finds on UI/UX of the week!


Ways Media & Entertainment Organizations Increase Engagement. Interesting article from the UserTesting blog, focused on different initiatives Media and Entertainment Organizations can adopt in order to increase engagement with their user base. Ironically enough, some of the topics that are showcased in this article, have been also highlighted a few years ago when discussion the future of e-commerce, namely: Personalization and Customization, Measurement Across All Devices, Integration of AI Systems, Decline of Monolithic Platforms, and Hyperscale Computing. This article goes in the direction of suggesting the following types of initiatives: Creation of Rewards Programs, Promoting Authentic Brand Values, Personalization and Recommendations, Gamification, to name but a few. These suggestions, while not particularly unexpected, are worth revisiting and reading through. Highlight of the article includes:

“Rewarding your customers is a fantastic way to increase engagement and keep them returning for more. By offering loyalty programs that are easy to join and provide a fair value exchange, media and entertainment organizations can encourage customers to have a strong, lasting connection with their brand. For example, a streaming service can offer exclusive early access to new show releases or free monthly content for loyal subscribers who have been with the platform for over a year. To make loyalty programs accessible and straightforward, eliminate unnecessary membership steps or requirements. Otherwise, you risk frustrating customers and discouraging participation.”


Vero, a Customer Case Study. Interesting case study from the Dovetail Blog, detailing how one of their clients, in this particular case Vero, leverages their platform to store, synthesize and continuously learn from the engagements they have with their customers and impart those findings on what they want to focus next. These are typically driven by Voice of the Customer Engagements, or Customer Interviews, or Contextual Enquiries, or any other type of engagement that is maintained with customers. The point being: these engagements are recorded, and their value is distilled through synthesis, analysis, something that Dovetail empowers. It is a case study written through the prism of a product solution, but one worth reading nonetheless. Highlight of the article includes:

“Today, the Vero team conducts anywhere from three to eight customer calls a week, uploads them to Dovetail, transcribes, and then assesses their research findings. Their goal is to have every customer call in Dovetail. Whether it’s in sales, product design, support, success, or anything in between, every team member at Vero is encouraged to house their data in Dovetail. Along with uploading customer calls and transcribing them in Dovetail, the Vero team also makes use of the platform’s features, like highlights, to tag important notes. A single word, sentence, or entire paragraph can be tagged, which allows users to be more granular with themes and highlights.”


Digital Organizations and Employee Satisfaction. Interesting article from the Adobe Blog and the Adobe Acrobat Team specifically, focused on how the level of digital transformation and digitization in Organizations is being perceived by employees. The internal processes and how generally speaking files and assets are stored in an Organization are factors that impact employee satisfaction and their perception of technological advancement for an Organization. Interesting to read through the infographics and data provided in the article. Highlight of the article includes:

“The top issues employees face with digital organization are difficulty finding documents quickly (48 percent), employees not following organizational protocol (39 percent), and inconsistent naming conventions (37 percent). 47 percent of employees say their company’s digital organization method is ineffective and difficult to navigate. As a company, it’s crucial to have proper organization systems and processes to improve employee efficiency. These systems can include clear folder structures, proper naming conventions that make sense for each folder and document, and access controls so only appropriate employees can change or edit certain documents. With 22 percent of employees saying an organizational challenge is integrating documents across multiple platforms, it’s also important to lean on tools to make digital organization seamless. Adobe Acrobat’s free online PDF editor is here to help you and your employees with all your document editing needs, from renaming files to converting and merging documents.”