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Personal Blogging. Very interesting article from Monique Judge, courtesy of The Verge, on the topic of bringing back more personal blogging venues/outputs, as opposed to sustaining the somewhat dire situation in which Social Media has spiraled itself into. This article is an interesting reflection on what makes Blogging such a community driven endeavor, where content is effectively curated, but also where common threads of interests can be nurtured and sustained. Worth reading and reflecting upon. Highlight of the article includes:

“People built entire communities around their favorite blogs, and it was a good thing. You could find your people, build your tribe, and discuss the things your collective found important. We are now in an age where people come on the internet to be the worst possible versions of themselves, and it’s an ugly sight to behold. Take the power back by building blogs and putting comment moderation in place (it’s relatively easy on both WordPress and Blogger). Trolls only thrive in an environment where they are allowed to run around unchecked, and that is what most of social media is. There are plenty of tools that allow you to keep those people out of your comments while still allowing those who appreciate your words, thoughts, and content to fellowship with each other in a community of your own design.”


The State of Usability. A brief article from Vitaly Friedman and Smashing Magazine on the status of Usability, a report of sorts if you will, as we go into 2023. The article and the author highlight the aspects in digital products which seem to generate the most frustration with users, including for instance chat prompts, install requests, as well as the most rewarding ones, which include clearer form Design, reliable Interaction patterns, to name but a few. It’s a succinct article, worth glancing through as it brings awareness into what users are noticing and expecting from products. Worth reading. Highlight of the article includes:

“Enterprise environments, for example, are very different and can prompt very different user behavior. However, these insights seem to be quite holistic, with many people behaving in a similar way when experiencing similar issues. What’s really interesting to me is that while user frustrations have evolved and increased significantly over the years, the things that users love and appreciate haven’t changed at all. They probably won’t change in the future either, so focusing on them first might be just the right investment for every project in 2023.”


The European Union and Big Tech. Very pertinent article from author Thomas Macaulay courtesy of The Next Web, focusing on a series of initiatives and regulations coming from the European Union which will have an impact on Big Tech organizations. The article details a series of those initiatives, including the DMA (Digital Markets Act), but also explores the reason why the European Union and its countries fail to generate a consistent output of interesting ventures, even though their research findings are substantial. The article also highlights the endeavors that are being put in place in regard to AI and chip production. Well worth reading through. Highlight of the article includes:

“A key component of the plans is the new Digital Markets Act (DMA). The landmark legislation prohibits platforms from ranking their own products more favorably than those of third parties, and from processing data collected from different services. Fines for single infringements can reach 10% of the offenders’ global turnover, and up to 20% for repeated violations. In May 2023, the new rules will start to apply.”



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