UI/UX Articles And Interesting Tidbits Of The Week


Here are some interesting finds on UI/UX of the week!


Color Exploration in Web Products. Very insightful article into the power of color, and its application across web products (though this narrative does cross multi-platform experiences). It’s an article particularly relevant, since color is one of the topics tied with Accessibility Standards, but also ties with items such as branding, specific cultural contexts, among other factors a Designer should consider when devising product solutions. Highlight of the article includes:

“Creating and standardizing a great color palette helps to achieve a visual language that consistently represents the brand or product in any media. Traditionally, color palettes have been much smaller, consisting of one or two principal colors. Nowadays, the publication of elaborate design systems (like the redesign of DropBox in 2017), has contributed to the trend of the importance of color, and takes the palette even further than it was before (typically the principal color of the brand with a highlight color and a few neutrals).”


Inclusion in the Workplace. Another atypical highlight on this newsletter, this article hailing from The Fast Company focuses on how the pandemic has forced Organizations to reconsider how their associates collaborate, within contexts that go beyond the typical office space. It’s an article that sheds light on pertinent topics such as diversity, inclusion, and how this particular moment in time, can have a profound impact on how Organizations define their teams, consequently impacting hiring processes moving forward (not to mention overall philosophies/cultures). It also sheds light on topics such as Accessibility, Intersectionality, Increased Representation and Practices. Well worth a read. Highlight of the article includes:

“By changing the way we work to remote, we have brought a new level of accessibility to our workdays that seemed nearly impossible months ago. A new setting has provided an equalizing experience and lifted significant barriers for many communities — from working parents to people with disabilities to older workers. Individuals with disabilities can now access work virtually, when they previously were hindered by an employer’s lack of accommodations. Job applicants have witnessed newfound geographic accessibility, as many employers have lifted requirements for on-site work.”


Designing Logos and New Identity for a long standing Brand. Two distinct sources of information, well worth a read. Suzanne Scacca’s article on how to create a Brand Logo is insightful and granular on how to outline a process by which a solution is devised, when it comes to a brand statement as powerful as a logo. The article has a series of steps one can consider when going through the process of establishing a logo for an Organization. The second source of insight hails directly from McKinsey, and focuses on their new Identity. Moving past the virtuosity of the web solution itself, it’s a clear articulation of how the brand and Organization sees themselves, and how their coherent stance in communication percolates across all facets of their existence. Great example on the power of well communicated Brand renaissance. Highlight of the article includes:

“There’s more to color selection than how good it looks. Color comes with a lot of meaning and it can have an effect on customers’ emotional responses as well. It also can impact the readability and accessibility of your site. So, before you jump to using any particular set of colors, brush up on color theory and make sure you have the right ones picked out. Although this is something you’re probably thinking about from the beginning, it might be a good idea to save it to the end after you’ve dealt with the structure of the logo.”