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UI/UX Articles And Interesting Tidbits Of The Week



Best Leadership Moments of the Decade. Fast Company has compiled moments that defined the past decade across a variety of topics. Some of those topics include Work Culture and Benefits, Diversity in the workplace, Climate activism, among a few others which have permeated our ongoing conversations, hopefully on topics which have forced a deeper reflection among everyone, and in the process, produced noticeable and worthy movements towards a better society. Worth a read. Highlight of the article includes:

“Even by tech standards, Netflix adopted an uncharacteristically generous parental leave policy in 2015 that gave new parents the ability to take up to one year of leave; the Gates Foundation introduced a 52-week leave policy as well. (A former Netflix employee did, however, sue the company for pregnancy discrimination, claiming that new parents weren’t exactly encouraged to take the full year off.)”


Best and Worst Brand Designs of the Decade. Another interesting article from Fast Company, detailing some of the best and worst Brand Design explorations and executions of the last decade. Among the best are the work built around Google and Budweiser, while on the negative there’s the unravel of the GAP redesign. The article also sheds some light on redesign efforts which were met with mixed reactions, such as the one for Slack. Highlight of the article includes:

“In the little over two decades since Google was founded, it’s expanded immensely. But in 2015, it dropped some extra baggage, and we said goodbye to the serifs on Google’s wordmark and hello to its new sans serif custom typeface Product Sans. That change was just a small part of the new brand identity the tech conglomerate rolled out that year as it sought to establish an overall sense of visual minimalism across the many, many more places users would come into contact with the brand — without losing the brand identity.”


Where is Design Going. A week of articles from Fast Company. This one is filled with topics worth reflecting upon, from sustainability of Design Solutions, the evolution of the career of charismatic Designer Jony Ive (as he has moved away from Apple and started his own practice), and how Designing for Instagram may be shifting its essential paradigms and quality, among other topics. Highlight of the article includes:

“It’s hard to talk about fashion in 2019 without talking about the reckoning that took place over its massive environmental footprint. From incinerating unsold clothes to the complexities of recycled plastic, designers grappled with the future of an industry with an environmental footprint larger than the airline industry. Perhaps the most fascinating evolution came from designers and companies trying to design clothes that can be worn repeatedly — even for months — without washing. Can design convince the world to stop washing its clothes so often?”

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