UI/UX Articles and Interesting Tidbits of the Week


Here are some interesting finds on UI/UX of the week!


Types of Professional Networking. Networking brings to mind different types of engagements, depending on who you talk to. This article from Inc. showcases different types of Networking, and how they can have the power to potentiate your careers and even businesses to heights that were previously untapped. Worth reading to get a sense on what Short-Term, Long-Term Networking entail, and even how Infinite Horizon Networking can become part of someone’s career path. Highlight of the article includes:

“I once worked for a large public-relations firm where every conversation with a client had to be “billable.” But I liked to maintain relationships with individuals and companies long after our contracts had ended. I celebrated their achievements whether or not our firm represented them. Needless to say, my boss wasn’t happy with my approach. We had different outlooks. Where he saw billable clients, I saw long-term friendships. When I quit the firm to start a company, many of those individuals with whom I had kept in touch sent a lot of business my way. And they continue to do so today, some 15 years later.”


The Loaded Vernacular of “Digital Transformation”. Interesting article hailing from The Next Web and author Karl Mansour on the topic of the over-abuse of the expression “Digital Transformation”, and what exactly that equates to currently. This expression from my own experience, typically becomes a blanket to encompass attempts at bringing HCI philosophies and leaner processes of developing Innovation and Accelerating Product to Market experiences, from Organizations who are at a juncture in time where the opportunities are clearly visible, but the strategy to tackle them aren’t necessarily defined. Well worth a read. Highlight of the article includes:

“Many wander into the conversations on digital transformation expecting that technology is going to fix everything. And the bottom line is, if what you’re trying to sell doesn’t resonate with your consumers, then there’s no piece of technology that is going to solve that problem for you. What I’ve seen firsthand across a number of brands is that some are asleep at the wheel. There’s a mentality to address value propositions maybe once a year, locked away in a fancy hotel for a few days, doing a bit of a refresh on the personas, and then that’s the box ticked for another year. To be blunt, that is naive and it’s going to catch the brand out. Unless you’re paying very careful attention to what your consumers are telling you about your value propositions and have the agility to respond to their needs, you’re going to have major problems.”


Beta Testing. Another interesting article on the topic of Testing. As I’ve mentioned in past newsletters, Testing & Prototyping are some of the fundamental pillars of HCI, specifically its frequency during the process of crafting a product or feature solution. This article sheds light on the differences between Alpha and Beta testing, but one thing for Design and their peers in the process to consider is: Test Early and do it Frequently. Diversify your audiences, and aim to get actual real users and clients interacting with whatever you’re crafting. The more insular and myopic the groups are, the less representative of the actual experience the product solution actually becomes. Worth reading. Highlight of the article includes:

“In addition, create a clear procedure for gathering feedback. Ideally, you should use a combination of automated data collection and in-person communication. Have an automated system for collecting reports of technical errors, while also creating a dedicated communication channel between participants and your team. Encourage open and honest feedback, whether positive or negative, and make it smooth and easy for participants to share their thoughts and requests. You should also request that testers provide diagnostic information — their operating system and version, their browser and version, and their internet connection and speed — to help the development team better address any issues.”

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