UI/UX Articles and Interesting Tidbits of the Week

Pedro Canhenha
3 min readJan 28, 2024



Here are some interesting finds on UI/UX of the week!


Guide to Fix Email Deliverability Issues. Interesting article from Unspam and author Andrian Valeanu, on fixing email deliverability issues. The main email bottlenecks are precisely: deliverability, display issues and engagement. The article describes very thoroughly tactics to overcome issues with deliverability, which includes getting out of email blacklist, getting a clean subscription list, improving the sender’s reputation, paying attention to volume of send-outs, to name but a few. The article also lists a series of tools which are useful to provide further insights into email deliverability, including Mailflow, MailTester, Alfred and MXToolbox. Well worth reading through. Highlight of the article includes:

“Second, fixing issues immediately helps the company avoid the aftermath of undelivered digital correspondence. Some companies must start over again, involving new investment and human resources. In contrast, others have to deal with lost opportunities of reaching the target audience at the right time with the right offer. These consequences can be dreadful for the company’s revenue and success. Third, quick problem-solving exerts control over the current environment and allows for changes to make it more desirable and stable for future operations. In other words, fixing email deliverability issues immediately allows companies to prepare a solid ground for conducting campaigns. It makes adapting to new demands, requirements, and market expectations possible.”


Amplifying Brands Leveraging Strategic Customer Input. Interesting article from dscout’s People Nerds Blog, and authors Ben Wiedmaier and Tony Ho Tran, which documents a conversation with Don Hall, a Brand Strategy Leader, currently working for Ten Gun Design (and previously for Microsoft). The article demonstrates the power that insightful research and a close relationship with clients (including performing Ethnographic studies), has in solidifying product solutions. It’s a brief but well worth reading through article. Highlight of the article includes:

“Specifically, Don found that dscout — and remote qual broadly — gave them a look into their users they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten. Something more intimate and revealing than a survey. “It is so eye-opening to hear and see real people in their homes, their cars, wherever they do mobile work, talk about their pain points and what motivates them,” he says. “How they’re responding to different product or communications experiences. It’s really undeniable, once you’re exposed to it.” He continues, “My watchword is ‘context.’ We wanted to learn about mobile work. So the key to that was to have a tool that would capture mobile work in the context of people being mobile. And to be able to get those captured in the moment, as they were happening, and get that richer context around their mobile work life is really invaluable.” With the surrounding context of the way their users, Don and his team had better data. And with better data, came better ideas for product storytelling.”


Career Success Guide for 2024. Worth reading through this article from the Adobe Blog. It compiles pertinent recommendations on how to navigate the career path in 2024, including topics such as Building Skills, Establishing a Personal Brand, Networking, Strategies for Effective Job Searches, Financial Planning, Career Goals and Roadmaps, amongst others. It’s a very thorough article, based on sound research, and while some of the findings are somewhat commonplace, they’re nonetheless worth reading through. Highlight of the article includes:

“Networking is another powerful tool, but only when you set clear goals. Are you looking for job opportunities or insights? Is your focus on building connections with industry thought leaders? Determine what you want to do and then leverage social media and industry-specific groups to make it happen. Instead of sending out dozens of invitations, create personalized introductions for each person you hope to connect with. Active participation and relationship building can help you showcase your expertise. It will also encourage others to seek you out for new opportunities.”