Interesting topic to tackle. Burnout or losing momentum is something that anyone in any particular industry can feel at any moment in time. I disagree with your statements that “Design is subjective” or the notion that professionals perpetually try to make clients, stakeholders of different natures happy. Design as a discipline isn’t a subjective field: it is actually comprised of a variety of subjects, disciplines, that are driven by data, assessment, observation, iteration, all with the intent of achieving certain goals and meet/surpass the KPIs that are established. At this point, reinstating that Design is “subjective” is backtracking on all the progress this discipline has made, and once again reinstates the notion that a Design driven solution is all about aesthetics. Even if aesthetics is a Design Principle, it’s one among many others, that allow for solutions to be pertinent and relevant. No professional, in any field, goes into the business world without understanding that in order for him/her to be truly successful, they’ll have to work in a team unit, for an organization with stakeholders that need to be satisfied with the professional’s performance. And equally (if not more) importantly, Professionals in general, and Designers in particular, have to fundamentally understand they’re delivering solutions for audiences, clients, users, who really validate the pertinence of that product/feature that has been implemented. Personally, I believe Designers will achieve more self content professionally, when they are able to truly integrate their efforts not only with and within Design teams, but most importantly, within the general tissue of the organizations they belong to. Shared pain, shared successes are that much easier to bare, and sweeter to celebrate.

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I’m a Design Professional. I’ve been Designing Products since 2001. http://canhenha.myportfolio.com

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