Interesting topic, but also highly polarizing. Justifying decisions based on “Instinct” is very much like stating Design as a discipline is in essence making things “pretty”. “Instinct” is a variable hard to assess, quantify, discern and ultimately qualify, since it really depends on individuals, but also experience levels, insights into the industry, understanding of factors such as macro-economics, resource allocation and a multitude of other factors. Data, should never be a sole factor driving Design thinking, and I don’t believe the most successful endeavors have ever advocated for such. But stating “Instinct” is a counter balance to data, again diminishes both the credibility of Design as a discipline that operates with research, data, insight, and positions Designers as the professionals with the knack to use their “Instinct” to provide a solution. Solutions typically come from different sources, and while common sense and experience allow Designers to trim unnecessary information and hurdles, it’s fundamental to position research, collective team efforts, as pillars when building out solutions that are effective.

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