Interesting case study, though this comes across much more like an exploration of a visual language, and not so much as a true exploration of what IMDB aims to do (and can potentially do, as an application that ties to different personas and layers of interest). There are interesting venues that should considered, namely personalization (what are the sections I, as a user, want to focus on, such as, News, Upcoming Releases, Festivals/Awards, Trivia, Showtimes, TV, Creation of Lists, Recommendations, and the list goes on), customization of the UI (which also ties with the previous element), professional aspect of the tool (which ties with the fact that IMDB is consumer centric, but it’s also a business tool for the professionals in the entertainment business, who also use it as a resume of sorts), not to mention monetization considerations for purchase of films/products/merchandise. There’s also other questions that can be posed by this product, namely localization — if IMDB does recognize globalization, does the UI alter its content to contemplate local news of the industry where the GPS is tracking the user’s location, and is the UI universal enough to contemplate different cultures and reading formats. Questions to consider when addressing a product of this complexity, one that marries not only the direct user, but also other layers in terms of personas, business requirements, accessibility requirements and globalization factors.

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