If I may say so, the perspective illustrated in this article comes across as a bit closed off and inflexible. If something has been attested from long lasting brands, is that flexibility and adaptation makes for far more successful relationships between those brands and their customers. The Design process is indeed about innovation, not for the sheer gratuitous factor of trying to be different, but as reflection that the Design process in itself should articulate a lot of different points of view, and hopefully distills those into a solution, which showcases an organization’s point of view on what can be potentially an industry or vertical that has multiple points of view. Markets are saturated with products that leverage competitive analysis, that try to replicate formulas in order to get ahead — being innovative, flexible and also self aware, allows for organizations and their products to have a stance of carving an identifiable brand with their consumers/users.

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I’m a Design Professional. I’ve been Designing Products since 2001. http://canhenha.myportfolio.comhttps://www.instagram.com/canhenha/

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