If I may, I’ll start by saying this article actually surfaces a lot of pertinent concerns when it comes to the Design Industry itself, and how the segmentation of that industry has indeed allowed for the flourish of a myriad of Design related professions. While dismissing some of these may at a first glance be a way to weed out, and therefore highlight some professionals who are more traditionally considered Designers, in a sense, that also warps the industry itself. Design, much like any industry, is constantly evolving, and thankfully so. That, in my humble opinion, has allowed for a variety of subjects and disciplines to gain momentum and space which otherwise would not have happened (and some of these disciplines, such as Research stayed stagnant for many years, at least in the Design sphere). This industry should allow for the introduction of a variety of professionals with different skillsets and with different points of view. Where I think this article should also have focused on is specifically on education, and how that translates to better professionals and insights. The question is no longer who is a traditional designer, versus a designer who does not understand UI strategy, research, concept and implementation. The real question is — how can these professionals be effectively trained, so that with enough self awareness and maturity, they can partner with other professionals that can fill the gaps they know they have, therefore helping/merging the participation of everyone on the collective effort that really defines good Design methodologies.

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I’m a Design Professional. I’ve been Designing Products since 2001. http://canhenha.myportfolio.comhttps://www.instagram.com/canhenha/

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