At the risk of embarking on a diatribe response here, I actually appreciate the fact that Design Principles such as the ones postulated by Dieter Rams resonate so much with organizations. Design Principles, Laws of UX, as discussable and hated as they may be, bring a very important aspect of Design to the forefront: Credibility, and in essence, battle the eternal struggle that Design is subjective and derivative of Art. Design, in essence, is a discipline focused on problem solving, where aesthetic is but a small factor of an amalgamation of many factors that shape whatever solution is brought forth. Minimizing the efforts of authors that brought forth Laws, Observation Principles, is somewhat of a disservice to the Design Discipline as a whole. These principles and laws are only as strict as Designers and Organizations choose to make them — the secret is always finding a path that suits your project and organization constraints.

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I’m a Design Professional. I’ve been Designing Products since 2001. http://canhenha.myportfolio.com

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