Advocating for productive tools is always fantastic. It’s an insightful task and allows us in the Design field to integrate better with our teams. However, from Design Systems applications perspective, I’ve personally started to realize that some of these tools mix the concept of GUIs with what Design Systems are really about. Also, the vast majority of these tools rely solely on the integration with a few other software packages. If for instance, I choose to use Adobe XD, I’m automatically invalidated of using some of these tools, since they invariably don’t even allow for a manual insertion of data to build the aforementioned GUI/Product Guideline. It does beg the question — shouldn’t these tools be built in such a manner where they are scalable, where they allow for integration, but with a multitude of packages and processes.

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I’m a Design Professional. I’ve been Designing Products since 2001. http://canhenha.myportfolio.com

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